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Swift Corporate Services for Canadian Businesses

One can choose our Canadian Corporate Services that are needed to register the corporation in the province where their firm is situated if you select federal.

When you made a decision to Incorporate your business in Canada, you had the option of choosing to create your new company as a federal corporation as opposed to a provincial or territorial corporation.

Additionally, you will need to register your firm in every province or territory where the corporation operates in this scenario.

Corporate Services in Canada

Our corporate services in Canada provide businesses with a range of corporate maintenance services.

Such as corporate address updates, trade name registrations, and registered agent services.

Changes in Corporate Addresses

Our corporate services can assist you in effectively changing your company address.

whether you want to relocate your registered office across town or to a different province.

Trade Name Registration

You must register your name as an operational name.

If you conduct business using a name other than your company’s formal corporate name.

Any legal papers or contracts that your business uses must include both the trade name and the corporate name. We can help you register the trade name in the majority of Canadian provinces.

Extra-Provincial Registration

The corporation must be registered as an extra-provincial corporation in each additional province,

If it conducts business there in addition to its home province.

Federally incorporated businesses must also register extra-provincially, and we can help with these registrations across Canada.

Services for Registered Agents

Swift services use a wide network of attorneys and agents across Canada to provide registered agent services. If you need to finish the extra-provincial registration procedure, registered agent services can be necessary.

Canadian Corporate Services

Corporate Services in Ontario

Our expertise and reliability in offering corporate services in Ontario will guarantee that your company is prepared for success.

At our Canadian Corporate Services, we provide a range of services to suit your needs, whether you’re ready to incorporate your business or you need corporate services for your company in Ontario. Your company will be prepared for success; therefore, be grateful for our expertise and dependability in offering corporate services.

Changes in Corporate Addresses

Our Corporate Services can assist you in properly changing your corporate address if you intend to relocate your firm.

Extra-Provincial Registrations

Our Canadian Services can help with Extra-Provincial Registrations in a variety of provinces and territories. When a corporation conducts business outside of its home province, as well as for federally incorporated businesses, extra-provincial registration is necessary.

Trade Name Registrations

It is necessary to register the operational name as a trade or operating name if your company does business using a name other than its formal corporate name.

On any contracts or legal papers utilized by your corporation, the legal name, as well as the operating name, must be specified. In many Canadian provinces, we can help you register your necessary trade names.

Services for Registered Agents

Our services can assist registered agents services required to complete extra-provincial registrations by utilizing an extensive network of agents and law firms in Ontario and across Canada.

Corporate Services in Toronto

To help your current company in Toronto, we provide a wide range of corporate services. It’s crucial for company owners to maintain the accuracy of their registration information and paperwork. Our Canadian services can assist you in doing exactly that by offering a wide range of corporate services to cater to the requirements of your current company in Toronto, Ontario.

Trade Name Registrations

Any extra names must be registered as trading or operating names if your firm conducts business under a name other than its formal corporate name. In the majority of Canadian provinces, we can assist you in registering your company’s trade names. You must specify both the corporate name and the trade name on any legal papers or contracts that your firm uses.

Changes in Corporate Addresses

We can assist you with a corporate address change if you intend to relocate your firm to a new area of Toronto or even to a different province.

Extra-Provincial Registrations

You may have plans to expand your firm outside of your province as it expands. You have to register the corporation; including federally incorporate businesses, in each additional province where business is done in order to accomplish this. To accommodate your needs, we can help with extra-provincial registrations across Canada.

Services for Registered Agents

If you are registering extra-provincially, registered agent services could be necessary. To help with this procedure, we rely on a wide network of agents and legal firms across Canada.


Canada Business Corporations Act formed Federal Canadian Corporations. Where they permit to operate anywhere in Canada using their registered corporate names. Also provided that they meet the extra-provincial registration criteria in each province or territory. 

Provincial companies in accordance with the relevant provincial corporate legislation. where we permit the clients to conduct business within the province or territory.

For example, an Ontario Corporation has a limit to conduct business solely inside the province of Ontario

Provincial companies can register as extra-provincial entities to conduct business in other provinces

i.e. if an Ontario corporation wants to set up offices in Alberta

It could apply to the Province of Alberta for registration as an extra-provincial corporation in Canada.

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