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How To Calculate Taxable Income in Calgary Canada

Consequently, from questions on how to calculate taxable income in Calgary, Canada, to what deductions are available, when taxes are due, and more, this blog provides all the information you need to file your taxes successfully by determining taxable income in Calgary, Canada.

One thing that Canadians continue to grumble about is their high tax burden. Taxes in Canada can be puzzling for employees and employers alike. It becomes a head-scratching task if you don’t have the correct information to determine what amount of the income should be taxed.

Income For Tax Purposes:

Investopedia defines income as “the amount of money, property, and other value transfers received by individuals or entities over a set period as compensation for services, payment for products, returns on investments, pension distributions, gifts, and a wide range of other value transfers.

Taxable Income in Calgary, Canada

Taxable income in Calgary, Canada, is calculated by taking an individual’s or entity’s annual total or gross income and decreasing it by the exclusions, exemptions, and deductions in compliance with the tax laws.

It also includes the value of what you received in your taxable income for the year, and you must pay tax on it. Many Canadians in Calgary who file their taxes each April wonder if taxable income should include specific sources of income earned in a particular year. 

You will find the answer to this below. So, read on!

Non-Taxable Income in Calgary, Canada

Non-taxable income is the wages paid to an employee or individual with no taxes withheld (income, federal, state, etc.)

The amounts listed below are not taxed in Canada, meaning they are non-taxable income:

  • Amounts exempt from taxation under Section 87 of the Indian Act (Section 87 tax exemption)
  • The majority of lottery prizes
  • The majority of gifts and inheritances
  • As a result of their service in the military, the amounts paid to a war veteran for disability or death.
  • GST/HST credit and Canada Child Benefit (CCB) payments, including those from related provincial and territorial programs.
  • Assistance for disabled children is paid for by the province of Alberta.
  • Government compensation for victims either of a criminal act or a motor vehicle accident.
  • Sums received from a life insurance policy following someone’s death.
  • Workers’ compensation benefits, such as wage-loss replacement and other perks.
  • Scholarships and bursaries/subsidies/endowments for elementary and secondary schools, as well as some post-secondary school scholarships, fellowships, and bursaries.
  • Amounts obtained from a tax-free savings account (TFSA)

PLEASE NOTE: While the above-stated amounts are considered non-taxable income or do not fall in the category of taxable income, you still have to disclose them on your return for benefit calculations.

Business Tax Deductions in Calgary, Canada

“A tax deduction is an item you can subtract from your taxable income to lower the amount of taxes you owe” — Investopedia.

Considering the complicated rules the Tax Act contains in Calgary, Canada, it’s crucial to realize which deductions and credits can benefit your family and allow your business to enhance the tax deductibility of qualifying expenses.

To exemplify, assume you run a small business in Calgary with customers all around Canada. Your constant tax burden consists of federal and provincial income tax, sales tax returns, installments in several provinces, local taxes, licenses, and fees.

Since you pay your fair share of taxable income in Calgary, Canada as a small business owner, claiming all deductions available to you is a wise choice.

How to Calculate Taxable Income In Calgary Canada?

In Canada, tax rates differ considerably between provinces and regions. For instance, Alberta has no sales tax and lower income tax rates. On the contrary, Quebec has the highest total and income tax rates in Canada.

As a result, Calgary residents have the edge over others in paying no sales tax and reduced income tax rates while calculating their taxable income.

You can calculate taxable income in Calgary, Canada by using the following formula: 

Taxable Income = Total Income – Deductions  

Calculate Taxable Income in Calgary Canada

Calculating Taxable Income:

To calculate your taxable income in Calgary, Canada, you first need to calculate your total income. Total income is your gross income from all sources, which can include the following: 

  • Employment income 
  • Business and professional income 

  • Commissions 
  • Contributions to compensate for wage loss 
  • CPP or QPP benefits 
  • Old age security pension 
  • Elected split-pension amount 
  • Disability benefits 
  • Other types of pensions and superannuation 
  • UCCB amount designated to a dependent 
  • Employment insurance and other benefits. 

Subtracting Deductions:

Next, subtract any deductions you are eligible for from your total income. Typical deductions include RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) contributions, childcare expenses, and charitable donations. 

Checking Tax Tables:

Use the tax tables provided by the Canadian government to determine how much tax you owe. The tax amount you owe will depend on your taxable income and your province or territory of residence. 

For example, your taxable income in Calgary, Canada will be contingent upon the tax rates imposed by the government of Calgary. 

Tax Payment: 

Finally, pay your taxes owed to the Canadian government. You can do this online, by mail, or in person at a designated tax office. 


To summarize, the success of an economically prosperous country lies in its tax-paying citizens.

With taxes, the federal, state, and local governments can function effectively by discharging their duties toward the citizens and serving them well. 

By calculating the correct amount of taxable income in Calgary, Canada, you will not only comply with CRA tax laws and regulations but also abide by your commitments as a responsible citizen. To fulfill your tax duty appropriately and calculate your taxable income in Calgary, Canada, you can cast a look at our accounting and business solutions services

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