At Swift Accounting and Business Solutions Ltd., we provide much more than just accounting services. Using the collective knowledge and experience of our professionals we are also able to analyze your business core practices and offer practical solutions to address the weaknesses. We can also alternatively analyze your current scenario and provide solutions to optimize your bottom line.

Few of the services we offer Include:

* Developing pro forma statements to better visualize future cash flow availability and requirements
* Provide temporary staff during the start up stages
* Evaluating computer hardware or software to ensure that an optimal decision is chosen to meet the requirements of your business needs
* Determining and implementing the information technology solutions to ensure confidential data is secured, backed up and has appropriate access restrictions in place
* Advising on change in company billing policies to stabilize cash flow
* Consulting on decisions including expansion, executive compensation, and reinvestment of excess cash
* Advice on management practices, including profit split models, capital protection and creditor-proofing strategies, and cash flow management planning
* Partner admission strategies, succession planning, and retirement funding alternatives
* Analyzing product/service lines for cost reductions, evaluation of product margins, elimination of unprofitable product lines, and assistance with other managerial accounting decisions

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